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Elevation of the tail of the brows

This is a procedure that can be carried out on its own or in conjunction with any of the operations mentioned previously.

Indications: This operation is indicated when, due to this lowering of the tail of the brows, the face acquires a permanently sad and fatigued look. The sides of the forehead are also involved in this operation as this reduces the ageing sensation.

Procedure: Two methods can be used: One is the undermining of the skin of the sides of the forehead and the external angles of the brows in a deep plane and their elevation and fixation by means of a small biodegradable implant (Endotime Lift). The other procedure, much simpler, economical, and of quick recovery, is the external fixation with special threads.

Surgical elevation: This procedure consists of a small scar, hidden by the hair. There is undermining of the skin of the sides of the forehead until reaching the brows. A small biodegradable implant of Vicryl is placed on the bones of the skull (Endotime Lift). This implant keeps the tissues fixed and gives the necessary fibrosis, thus prolonging the effect of the operation.

Anaesthesia: I generally use local anaesthesia, following sedation, so that the patient can return home after a short period of rest.

Sutures: These are removed after 7 days and the scar is imperceptible.

Recovery: 7 days approximately.

About Partial Lifting (Mini Lifting)

Indications: When only the lower half the face is treated. This is a procedure used in cases of incipient wrinkles, usually in younger patients who want to overcome the ageing process, but do not need a complete lifting. The lower part of the cheeks is lifted, thus improving the facial contour. This can also be done in conjunction with an elevation of the tail of the brows. If the patient so wishes, a resurfacing with Co2 Laser can be carried out at the same time.

Procedure: Undermining of the skin of the cheeks with traction towards the ears tightened in order to lengthen the duration of the results. Resurfacing can be peri-oral, peri-orbital, or off the forehead.

Scars: Scars are located either in front of, or inside, the ear, with a slight continuation behind it. The resurfaced area acquires a pink pigmentation that lasts for 3 to 4 months.

Sutures: Sutures are removed 7 to 10 days after the operation or, in some cases, they are self-disolving.

Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia with oor without previous sedation, depending on the patient’s emotional state. In either case hospitalisation is not necessary and the patient can return home after the operation.

Recovery: Being a less aggressive procedure than a total lifting, recovery time is shorter and can vary from 5 to 8 days, extending to 10 if there has been resurfacing.

Complete Facial Lifting: Procedure, scars, sutures, recovery

It is an important aspect of aesthetic surgery procedures. Facial lifting is indicated in people who have lost the elasticity of the skin of the face, with the consequent formation of wrinkles, deep furrows, hanging of the chin line, formation of bags under eyes, collapse of the skin of the superior eyelids, etc.

Facial lifting can be: COMPLETE FACIAL LIFTING

Indications: When a patient needs surgical restauration of the whole face, it is necesary to proceed to surgical resection of the skin of the superior and inferior eyelids, as well as surgical resection of the fat contained in the bags of the superior and inferior lids.

The same procedure is applicable when treating the wrinkles of the neck, and the elevation of the tail of the eyebrows. These procedures may call for the necessity of a partial resurfacing of the peri-oral or peri-orbital areas, respectively.

Procedure: In order to carry out the above mentioned procedures, it is necessary to undermine the entire skin of the face, for its elevation and traction up and behind, and resection of the redundant skin. Internally it is possible to proceed to the tightening of deeper tissues in order to obtain a firmer result. The resurfacing is carried out with CO2 Laser, which eliminates the finer wrinkles that surgery cannot reach.

Scars: The resulting scars are located in such places that they are practically unnoticeable. The most visible scars is located in front of the ear and, in some cases, inside it.

Sutures: Sutures are removed within 7 to 10 days after the operation or, in some cases, they are self-disolving.

Anaesthesia: In general it is local anaesthesia, following sedation. In most cases the patient can return home after a short period of rest (2 to 3 hours). If necesary it can be done under general anesthesia.

Recovery: This varies from individual to individual but, in general, the post-operatory inflammation and haematomas last from 10 to 15 days. In cases of resurfacing, the patient will need to take additional precautions such as the use of creams, sun protectors, etc.

Transformations Spain Commitment

In recent times, the amount of people who demand aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries has increased. That is a really positive fact for this medical environment since that means people trust in aesthetic surgeons to put their appearance and health in these professionals’ hands. For that reason, the plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons must have a high commitment with the work they do and with their patients.

For Transformations Spain the consumers come first. We exert ourselves daily to offer the best services and an excellent customer service. For us transparency and know-how are truly important.

In our clinics we have a surgical team at the vanguard. We also have first-rate security and hygienic measures to offer an exquisite surgery in which the details are really important.

Additionally, our professionals have official degrees in Medical Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. They, also have several years of experience in the aesthetic sector, for that reason they work with high standards of ethics and responsibility. We guarantee the privacy in each case and we promise to do a good work because we care for our customers and we worry about the procedure results.

Each member who takes part in Transformations Spain is committed with the authentic values of Medicine and respects the professional ethic doing their work with rigour and with a spirit of service to the patient.

In Transformations Spain we ensure to offer our patients the most intimate, discreet and quiet environments to make them feel comfortable and safe in all phases of the aesthetic treatment to be performed. Therefore, our attention is completely personalized and honest from the first visit, in which we explore, appreciate and inform the patient of all that concerns the planned operation, performing all the tests and studies necessary.

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Within our services, we offer facial surgery and treatments like facelift, nose remodelling, eye lift and dermal fillers. About body surgery, we do breast implants, breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, radiofrequency Reduction Labiaplasty (RFRL) and HD Mons Pubis and Labia Majora.

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