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Dr Jorge Esbry is a highly skilled Cosmetic Surgeon with over 30 years experience gained in all aspects of Cosmetic and Reparative Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine. He offers cosmetic surgery procedures and aesthetic treatments at Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Chosen by Spanish residents and overseas patients, Dr Esbry provides exceptional clinical performance, diligent aftercare and excellent value for money.

..."During the last seventeen years I have been working in private facilities in Spain doing Cosmetic Medicine, Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery; Face Lifts, Blepharoplasties, Tummy Tucks, Breast Reductions, Big Breast reductions, Breast up-lift, Breast Prostheses, Liposuctions, Nose, Ears, Etc.

I am a competent General Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon trained in all aspects of Plastic Surgery with a special interest in children’s burn injuries, cleft lip and palate, adults head and neck cancer reconstruction and maxillofacial trauma injuries. I am also interested in the aesthetic procedures of the adult face and breast reconstruction.

During my fellowship I specialized in the reconstruction of the cleft lip and palate and treatment of burns (adults and children). I visited Dr Oscar Mayo Consultant in Plastic Surgery at Children´s Hospital in Buenos Aires City, [one of the most important consultants at that time in Cleft Lip and Palate Reconstruction].

I also visited consultant Dr Enrique Gandolfo at the Oncologic Hospital of Buenos Aires city who works in post-radiotherapy injuries [reconstructions mainly of the face and abdominal wall].

My experience has taught me to believe in communicating effectively and honestly with patients when planning their treatment. I understand my limitations and know when I should refer on complex cases both within and outside of my specialty. To this end I am committed to working in multi-disciplinary teams for patient benefit.

In a similar way, within the period of service for the Navy, team work was extremely important. Having 150 men under my command required good man-management skills, but when under pressure and in times of conflict, teamwork with those men was imperative.

I am comfortable using information technology to appraise evidence, evaluate and create literature that assists in forming conclusions for the management of patients”…

Now, he work at IMED, ICM, etc the best private hospitals at Spain and UK, and always use his own handpicked theatre team.

Honesty & Ethics

Doctor EsbryThe decision to undergo surgery is serious, and you should only go ahead if you are completely happy with the surgeon and planned procedure.
Dr Esbry is an ethical surgeon and will only perform procedures when results are likely to meet patients’ expectations and deliver desired results.

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