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Breast reduction

Many women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery because large breasts can cause discomfort and restrict lifestyle. The weight may lead to back, neck and shoulder pain, and make physical activity difficult. Skin beneath the breasts may become susceptible to rashes and infections.

What is involved

The surgeon makes an incision, either around the nipple, or in a t-shape from the nipple and under the breast. Excess breast tissue and fat is removed, skin trimmed and stitched into position. The nipple will be repositioned and, if required, made smaller.

Recovery time

Recovery time from breast reduction surgery varies from patient to patient. Generally, we find that our breast reduction patients can resume work and normal activities after two weeks. Swelling can take longer to diminish, but has usually settled after six weeks.


Risks of breast reduction surgery will be fully discussed at your free consultation. Usually breast reduction surgery is complication-free, but a with all surgery, there are general risks and some more specific to the procedure.

Breast reduction in Spain

As breast reduction patients are likely to need a week or two to rest after a procedure, many find it more convenient to be away from home in a place where they can fully relax. With excellent facilities, strict regulations and competitive pricing, Spain offers many advantages for breast reduction and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Why Transformations?

Conveniently placed on the Costa Blanca, and run by an experienced surgeon, with UK and Spanish registration, Transformations is the perfect choice for breast reduction surgery. Read more...

Breast reduction