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Facelift is a surgical procedure to tighten and lift loose skin and muscles, reversing the affects of time and gravity on the face.

As we age our faces sag, which leads to a drooping appearance and the formation of hanging cheeks, loss of a firm chin line and nose to mouth folds. Pockets of fat also commonly form beneath the eyes, giving the appearance of constant fatigue. Chin and neck distinction can be lost and delicate neck skin can become crêpey.

Facelift surgery can address all these concerns, restoring a youthful firmness to the face and improving the neck. Facelifts may be full or partial, depending on the areas of most concern. The surgeon will discuss all options.

What is involved ?

The surgeon will make an incision in the area of the temple, hairline and ear. Skin is gently lifted, with excess being trimmed away. Underlying muscle and connective tissue are tightened and repositioned, and newly taut skin, muscle and tissue fixed into their new position with sutures or metal clips.

Facelifts may be performed with a combination of sedatives, local and 'twilight' anaesthesia, or with a full anaesthetic depending on the extent of the surgery and the patient's preference. Many facelift procedures are now performed as day surgery.

Recovery time

Recovery time is an important concern for most patients. Generally, people can go out in public without looking conspicuous after about two weeks. Full healing takes a lot longer. Healing time varies for each individual, and also depends on the skill of the surgeon.


All surgery carries a risk, but carefully choosing your surgeon will minimise risks. Before you agree to surgery, your surgeon should make you fully aware of all risks so you can make an informed decision. If a surgeon does not do this, walk away.

Facelift surgery in Spain

There are a number of reasons to have your facelift surgery in Spain. Spain has excellent hospitals, surgeons and nursing staff, with strict regulations. But with lower overheads, your surgery could be significantly cheaper in Spain than in countries such as the UK, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Many people prefer to recover from surgery away from home.

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