Doctor Esbry

HD Mons Pubis and Labia Majora

Hi Definition Liposculpturing of the mons pubis and labia majora.

Many people seek liposuction because they want to improve remove the unsightly fatty bulges of the Mons Pubis and Labia Majora. Fatty accumulation in these areas can create aesthetic issues in clothing, undergarments, bathing suits, and when nude; most of the time this procedure is performed along with Liposculpturing of other areas. The best candidate for this procedure is a physically healthy, normal weight, person with firm and elastic skin


How will your liposuction be performed?
Typically performed on an outpatient basis, Liposculpturing of the fatty mons pubis and labia majora can last between twenty minutes to forty minutes depending on the amount of fat removed. The most common techniques include tumescent and ultrasound assisted Liposculpturing.
Tumescent Liposculpturing
Using a mixture of local anesthetics and adrenaline, a special solution called tumescent fluid is created. This fluid is inserted into the treated area through tiny access points. It helps numb the treated area controls bleeding and reacts with your fat making it easier to remove. The fat is then suctioned out through a blunt tubular instrument called a cannula.


As with any surgical procedure, there are risks in having these particular one.

Post Surgery Care

You should expect some bruising, swelling and pain after your procedure. If you feel like you’ve lost sensations in the areas treated, don’t be alarmed. As your nerves begin to regenerate feeling and sensation should return to normal. Swelling may linger for as long as several months. Pain medication will be prescribed to control any discomfort.

The recovery process is different for everyone, but within a day after your Liposculpturing, you should be up and walking around.

You may shower on the third day following surgery. Depending on the number of areas treated, you may need to be out of work and away from your usual activities for the first week. Over the next two or three weeks your treated areas may remain very sensitive and strenuous physical activities should be limited.

You will also need to wear a special compassion garment for up to a month to help ensure a good contour to your treated areas. Following this period you may gradually return to activities such or lifting, exercise and sex.

These procedures will help you avoid stress to your treated areas and allow time for your time to heal and recover. All Liposculpturing procedures are performed using small incision, so any scarring will be minimal.