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The true measure of our success is how happy our patients are. Only a happy patient equals a successful procedure.

This is a small selection of genuine testimonials from real patients. Original letters are available for inspection by prospective patients.

Just need to say a massive THANK YOU for all the wonderful care and attention i have been given from first consultation to postsurgery. I am absolutely delighted with everything and especially the results from my surgery.

With love + thanks

I had a tummy tuck with Dr Esbry and am very satisfied with the procedure. He explains everything in detail and gives you complete confidence and answers all questions so you understand about the procedure and aftercare. I am about to have a second operation, which I would not consider having done unless I felt sure he would give me the results I want.

After wanting it done for years I decided to finally get a breast reduction. Being a 38G the back ache was getting worse. The unwanted attention made me very conscious and the lack of nice clothes to fit was a pain.
Dr Esbry was professional and approachable. He went through the procedure thoroughly and drew diagrams to help me understand it all. The aftercare Dr Esbry has given me has been exceptional. He said to ring him at any time if I needed. I have been checked over once a week and been looked after very well. The difference it has made to my life already, only four weeks on, is great. I wish I’d had it done sooner.

I first met Dr Esbry in 2006 when I had filler injections to the face.
In 2008 I consulted him again and this time had a lift.
On both occasions I was pleasantly surprised at his friendliness, which coupled with his professional attitude gave me complete confidence to have these procedures.
He had a portfolio of before and after photographs, which he allowed me to review and discuss with him. The aftercare was excellent and I felt that nothing was too much trouble. I was delighted with the results and can thoroughly recommend his work.

Following the recommendation of a friend I went to Dr Esbry for a tummy tuck.
He went to great pains to explain what would happen and answered all my questions in great detail.
Dr Esbry put me totally at ease at all times.
I was very reassured to have a mobile telephone number when I went home. He insisted that I could ring him day or night if I felt ill or had any worries.
I was delighted with the results and have recommended him to others.

After months of researching doctors for my breast augmentation I decided to make a consultation appointment with Dr Esbry. Immediately my nerves were calmed when I met with Dr Esbry. He took time to get to know me, where I was from, what I did in my daily life. I never felt rushed. Even when I presented him with a lot of questions he spent a great deal of time going through each one, making sure I fully understood every aspect of the surgery.
When I left that first day I was so glad I had chosen to meet Dr Esbry. I booked my surgery for February 9th. When I met again with Dr Esbry he went over, in detail, exactly what to expect the day of surgery. When we discussed the implants to use, Dr Esbry thoroughly explained each type, profile and size. He really listened to me, to my desire to look and feel natural, advising me on what size would look best on my body (and he was totally right).
As my surgery date neared, I was excited and nervous. The day of surgery, I arrived at the clinic at 8am. When I was taken in, Doctor kept talking to me, assuring me that I would feel great when I awoke in 1.5 hours.
When I woke up I couldn’t believe it was done. Dr Esbry told me that everything went wonderfully and next morning I was ready to go home.
From beginning to end my experience was such a success. Now it’s about six weeks after surgery and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Dr Esbry. My breasts are amazing and look so natural. I highly recommend Dr Esbry, he is the best.

Very proud owner of beautiful breasts.

After a few inquiries about upper and lower eye lift surgery I made an appointment with you. I was very nervous when I walked into your office but, after a little while of talking with you my nerves started to disappear. You showed me many pictures of previous operations you had carried out and I knew I wanted to go ahead with the procedure . You not only explained the details of the surgery but drew a diagram to show exactly what you would do, which was very helpful.

You answered most the questions I had as you were explaining everything, so there were not many questions left for me to ask but, you also answered those in a reassuring way.

The day of the operation I was so nervous but you came into the room and had a little talk with me which put me at ease. Your follow up aftercare was excellent and very relaxed. I also liked the fact that I could telephone you if I had any concerns.

It is now almost seven weeks since my surgery and the scars are just faint lines. I am very pleased with the results, thank you for all of your attention.