Doctor Esbry

Doctor Esbry

Why us

Dr. Esbry Clinic is led by Dr Jorge Esbry (MD, ASPRS), a surgeon with more than 30 years of experience and many hundreds of satisfied patients.

Dr. Esbry is an ethical surgeon and will only perform procedures when the results are likely to meet patients' expectations and deliver desired results.

Top hospitals and surgical team

Our surgeries are carried out at top private hospitals, conveniently situated across the Alicante region of Spain. To ensure safety and success we always work with our own specialist team of surgeons, anaesthetist and theatre staff.

Aftercare is overseen by Dr Esbry and provided both in and out of hospital to ensure the best recovery.


In additions to experience and a friendly English-speaking team, Transformations can offer significant savings over many other cosmetics groups. This is because it is a surgeon-led clinic with no referring agents.

Surgical tourism

If you do not live in Spain but wish to have your surgery here with us, we can arrange accommodation for your recovery period. You can take advantage of the lower surgery costs in Spain and recover from your procedure in total privacy while enjoying the Spanish sunshine.

Dr Esbry's experience

Dr Esbry has a wealth of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has worked as the cosmetic surgeon for the Argentine navy and was the founder plastic surgeon and chief of the department of plastic surgery and burns at the Chaco Clinic in Argentina. He has also worked in the US .

For the past 17 years, Dr Esbry has lived and worked in Spain, where he has performed many hundreds of cosmetic surgery procedures.


Dr Esbry is registered with both the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK and the Colegio de Médico de Alicante in Spain.

"I know that the decision to have cosmetic surgery is very personal, and that everyone has different reasons for desiring procedures, and different ideas about what they want to achieve. Before going ahead, we take time to make sure we understand exactly what our patients want and to ensure goals and expectations are realistic. Only if our patients are satisfied will the intervention be a success." - Dr Jorge Esbry