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Facial CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Laser technology is the application of a light of great intensity concentrated on a point. In that case, when the lights is concentrated on a single point the equipment is used as surgical scalpel, that is to say to carry out any surgical procedure, of general surgery or in this case of Aesthetic Surgery.

In the case of Laser CO2 equipment (Carbonic Anhydride) it can be coupled, also with a Scanner with which is controlled, not alone the depth of the treatment, as the duration of the same one and the superficial quantity of tissue to treat. With the Scanner we can treat single pathological lesions of the skin, but also the superficial and deep wrinkles, product of the normal process of aging, being denominated to this procedure: Facial Laser Resurfacing.

Facial Laser Resurfacing with laser of CO2 has revolutionized the surgical treatment of the wrinkles of the face. With this procedure we can treat the entirety of the facial wrinkles making them practically disappear in a single session of Laser. The conventional treatment of face wrinkles for surgery, the Facial Lifting, has precise indications that have not been replaced by the laser. There are wrinkles of difficult solution, like the peri-buccal ones, those of the forehead, etc. that can be solved with the CO2 Laser in the same surgical act.

That is to sy, these two treatments are complementary in the global treatment of the wrinkles of the face.

Laser Resurfacing is a method for which a controlled EPIDERMO-TERMOLISIS of the superficial layers of the skin is carried out. The treatment can be done with local or general anesthesia and in all the cases it is of quick recovery and with spectacular results.

The treatment of the face wrinkles with Laser of CO2 is ideal in those incipient cases of relatively young patient in with being to appear the first wrinkles and with this treatment, they delayed the facial aging in several years.

Also in those patients that cannot be subjected for reasons of general health to a great surgery like it is it the conventional Facial Lifting.

The wrinkles that are frequently treat with this procedure are:
a) Complete facial resurfacing
b) Wrinkles of the forehead
c) Peri-oral winkles
d) Wrinkles around the eyes

Recertificación Médica

Un tema de suma importancia en el mundo médico es LA RECERTIFICACIÓN.

Este procedimiento de estricto cumplimiento en el mundo anglosajón y algunos países latinoamericanos, Argentina entre ellos, tiene como objetivo supervisar periódicamente la idoneidad o la educación continua de los médicos, asegurando así que la prestación que dispensan y por ende la atención que sus pacientes reciben, es la apropiada.

Este procedimiento periódico y necesario debe estar supervisado por las autoridades medicas, exclusivamente, y no por organismos estatales ajenos a la profesión, dado que solo un médico puede evaluar la actividad de otro médico y este evaluador estar supeditado a las organizaciones médicas pertinentes como OMC, Colegios Médicos, etc.

El Ministerio de Salud y Medio Ambiente, en el caso de España, debería ser garante de este proceso y sentar las bases sobre las cuales se deba realizar, pero no ser el brazo ejecutor del mismo.

La Recertificación debe realizarla todo médico que practique la medicina, sea esta en ámbito privado o estatal y deberá ceñirse a estrictas reglamentaciones acordadas y supervisadas por estas, para determinar transparencia y equidad.

A mi modo de ver, en España la “matriculación no obligatoria, ni universal”, no debería recaer en los Colegios Médicos como habitualmente se hace, sino en el Ministerio de Sanidad, quien de esta forma garantizaría además, el proceso de Recertificación.

La Matriculación debería ser universal; todo médico que practique la medicina, sea en ámbito estatal o privado, debería estar matriculado, es decir: “Habilitado para ejercer la medicina” y esta Matriculación debería ser gratuita y a los efectos de contralor por parte del Estado y no en posesión de los colegios Médicos regionales para lo cual es necesario “colegiarse y pagar por ello un canon anual”.

De esta manera la “matriculación” le serviría al médico para ejercer en todo el ámbito de país sin necesidad de estar “colegiado” en cada Colegio Medico donde necesite ejercer. Serviría también para llevar un censo estricto de los médicos que ejercen la profesión, su distribución demográfica y las necesidades reales del sistema.

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Our aesthetic surgeries in the face zone

Within our services, one of our specialities are the surgeries in the face zone. These kind of cosmetic surgeries are one of the most demanded. Our professional has a very huge experience in:

Facelift is a surgical procedure to tighten and lift loose skin and muscles, reversing the effects of time and gravity on the face.

As we age our faces sag, which leads to a drooping appearance and the formation of hanging cheeks, loss of a firm chin line and nose to mouth folds. Pockets of fat also commonly form beneath the eyes, giving the appearance of constant fatigue. Chin and neck distinction can be lost and delicate neck skin can become crêpey.

Facelift surgery can address all these concerns, restoring a youthful firmness to the face and improving the neck. Facelifts may be full or partial, depending on the areas of most concern. The surgeon will discuss all options.

Nose remodelling
More people are unhappy with the appearance of their nose than that of any other facial feature. People may feel their nose is too large, or may be unhappy with its shape, crookedness or even a bump. Whatever the dissatisfaction, nose remodelling can provide a solution. Rhinoplasty may also be used to correct structural deformities and alleviate breathing problems.

Eye lift
As we age, the effects of gravity and the loss of skin elasticity cause drooping around the eyes. Excess skin below the eye causes wrinkles and bulging, while on the upper lid drooping skin can hang over the lashes.
Eye lift surgery can improve the appearance of both the upper and lower lids, removing excess fat and skin layers and restoring a smoother, more youthful look.

Dermal fillers
Dermal fillers are facial injectable treatments designed to restore youthful volume to the face and minimise, or even erase, lines and wrinkles.
As we age, elastin and collagen break down, our faces lose volume and lines and wrinkles form. Fillers can be used to add volume to areas of the face or to treat specific wrinkles.
Fillers are often a good treatment for younger people who do not wish to undergo surgery to achieve a younger, fresher-looking appearance.
Fillers are also used to restore plumpness to ageing lips or to alter the volume and shape of thin lips.