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Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat and skin, and to tighten weakened muscles. This gives the patient a flatter, smoother abdomen.

Loose skin, hard to shift fat and stretched muscles are common problems, caused by pregnancy, weight fluctuations, genetics and ageing.

Sometimes diet and exercise can achieve the desired results, but in many cases skin and muscle are stretched beyond repair and surgery is the only realistic solution. This is why tummy tucks are one of our most popular procedures.

What is involved

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anaesthetic and will require a one or two night stay in hospital. During the procedure excess fat is removed, loose skin is cut away, and skin and muscle are tightened. If large amounts of fat need to be removed, liposuction may also be used.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks may be eliminated if they are in a position where they can be cut away with loose skin, however this is not always possible.

Recovery time

The amount of time it takes to recover from tummy tuck surgeries varies depending on the extent of the surgery and the individual's healing abilities. However, as a guide, we would expect a tummy tuck patient to stand upright two to three days after surgery, and to resume most normal activities n four to six weeks.


There is a risk with any surgical procedure, and tummy tuck surgery is no different. The best way to minimise risks is to choose a well-qualified and experienced surgeon, to follow all post-op and pre-op advice, and ensure your surgeon provides good aftercare. Discuss all risks fully with your surgeon before deciding to go ahead with any cosmetic procedure.

Tummy tucks in Spain

While you will have to avoid too much sunshine, relaxing in your own private holiday accommodation in Spain is a big draw for many tummy tuck patients. Patients also opt to have tummy tuck surgery in Spain because of the excellent facilities, first-rate surgeons, competitive pricing and familiarity of a country where English is widely spoken.

Why Transformations?

Our patients choose us because they like the reassurance of a friendly British and English-speaking team, because of our excellent lead surgeon (registered with UK GMC as well as Spanish authorities), because of our experience and because, being a surgeon-led clinic, we offer very competitive prices. Read more...

Tummy tuck