Doctor Esbry

After a few inquiries about upper and lower eye lift surgery I made an appointment with you. I was very nervous when I walked into your office but, after a little while of talking with you my nerves started to disappear. You showed me many pictures of previous operations you had carried out and I knew I wanted to go ahead with the procedure . You not only explained the details of the surgery but drew a diagram to show exactly what you would do, which was very helpful.

You answered most the questions I had as you were explaining everything, so there were not many questions left for me to ask but, you also answered those in a reassuring way.

The day of the operation I was so nervous but you came into the room and had a little talk with me which put me at ease. Your follow up aftercare was excellent and very relaxed. I also liked the fact that I could telephone you if I had any concerns.

It is now almost seven weeks since my surgery and the scars are just faint lines. I am very pleased with the results, thank you for all of your attention.